Mission Statement:

The Melinda Vasquez Foundation was created to help alleviate some of the hardships that deter many single mothers from continuing their education in the community college level. In 2006, this organization obtained tax exempt status under 501 (c) 3 and intends to continue providing scholarships to relieve the financial burdens faced by single mothers trying to enter or return to community college. The scholarships awarded every year are meant to provide financial assistance for single mothers, to be used on books, registration fees, travel and child care. These are some of the obstacles that Melinda Vasquez herself faced in the early years as she endeavored into her educational journey. Due to personal experience, Melinda understands that these are some of the main hurdles that deter many single mothers from furthering or achieving their educational goals.

The Melinda Vasquez Foundation believes that if low income and disadvantaged single mothers improve their education, have a supportive organization like ours; their job opportunities will help not only the single mother’s life, but also that of her family. Our organization’s believes that, “If you can save and educate the mother of today, then you are actually saving and bettering the children of tomorrow.” Our communities can not afford to lose these valuable and productive children, for they are our most precious resource.

Melinda Vasquez realizes that many positive influences have shaped her into who she is today, and feels obligated to give back to the community that has provided such guidance. There is no higher privilege in life, than to be given the opportunity to pass down knowledge, experience, and education that has been provided to you by educators and life itself.